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The Foxer

Welcome to the The Flare Path's new foxer annexe! Roman and myself are still fine-tuning the décor so if you don't like something, just say. We're willing to rethink everything except the 'hand grenades of the world' wallpaper on the accent wall, the 'aircraft of the interbellum' mural on the ceiling, and the occasional tables made from decommissioned depth charges.

Last week's theme: words that can be tacked to the end of 'candle' to form new words (defoxed by phlebas)

a candlemas (Rorschach617)
b candlesnuffer (Stugle)
c candlenut (AbyssUK)
d candleford (Stugle)
e candlelighter (skink74)
f candlefish (iainl)
g candelabra (Palindrome, Rorschach617, Stugle, AFKAMC)
h candlewick (Shiloh)
i candlestick (Rorschach617)
j candlepower (phlebas)

* * * * *

Foxer Fact no. 547

The GWR began adding defoxing cars to their most prestigious expresses in the early 1920s. Crime novelist Agatha Christie is said to have based Hercule Poirot on a Swiss puzzle prober she encountered several times in the defoxing lounge of the London to Paignton 'Torbay Express'.

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