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The Foxer

Warm-up Foxer (What am I?)

I'm one of a kind. I'm as tall as a Jumbo Jet. I make Roman think of Kiev and the Old Bailey. I look north-east. I share a latitude with three Belgian cities. I have something in common with the NZ PM and a ship involved in Operation Dynamo. On a clear day I can see a foreign land. I'm not universally liked. My creator lives nearby.

Feature Foxer (Word Chain)

Tired of fabricating word ladders, Roman has moved on to word chains. To completely defox this example you’ll need to provide him with the sequence of 24 words suggested by the clues below. A word can be any length and is linked to the next word in the chain by its last two or three letters. For instance ‘honeysuckle’ might be followed by ‘leviathan’. ‘Handel’ could come next. Then ‘delta’. Then ‘Tallinn’. And so on.

Complicating things a tad are the six green italicised clues. These have been shuffled. For example “The capital of a dubious 21st Century proto-state” probably doesn’t refer to word  #4

1. The military truck in this pic
2. A garment worn by some Battle of Mentana participants
3. This museum has one in its collection
4. The capital of a dubious 21st Century proto-state
5. A Brussels Metro terminus
6. Her remains rest here
7. A missile and melee weapon
8. A game mentioned in over 200 RPS articles
9. This aircraft
10. Dodge, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo all produced one
11. Spoken by a few specialised Allied soldiers during WW2
12. One of the world's largest cocoa producers
13. A piece of lab equipment
14. Close Combat: The Bloody First will feature this battle
15. This man
16. The US state where this picture was taken
17. Performances of one of his most famous tunes often involve weaponry
18. It once stood just about here
19. He appeared on a US postage stamp in the mid-Eighties
20. A postwar AFV bore his name
21. A word that can go before suit, watch, or key
22. An Oriental gulf that made the news in the mid Sixties
23. A ZX Spectrum keyword
24. There's a statue of him close to this spot

*       *       *


Last week's war-up foxer location: I was here (defoxed by Gusdownnup and KarolisLive)

Last week's geofoxer theme: trees (defoxed by Gothnak)


a. Aspen (Matchstick)
b. Newton's apple tree (Gusdownnup)
c. Bristol Sycamore (AFKAMC, Syt, Gothnak)
d. Palm Jumeirah (Gothnak)
e. Royal Oak (Gusdownnup)
f. Roots Hall (Gusdownnup, Rorschach617)
g. Hollywood sign (mrpier)
h. El Árbol del Tule (phlebas)
i. Oakland (Stugle)
j. Usuzumizakura (Numptydumpty)
k. Supertree Grove (Stugle)
l. The Survivor Tree (Gothnak)

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