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The Foxer

The following collage has a hidden theme. What is it?


*       *       *


Last week's hive theme: books (defoxed by hitcherland)


bebelplatz (ylla)
bibliomania (AbyssUK, chuckieegg)
burke (AbyssUK)
clasp (phlebas, AbyssUK, hitcherland)
dust jacket (hitcherland)
galley (Little_Crow, phlebas)
gutter (phlebas, Little_Crow, hitcherland)
hinge (hitcherland)
isbn (pekuja)
page (ylla)
plate (hitcherland)
press (Little_Crow, chuckieegg, hitcherland)
quire (ylla)
recto (AbyssUK)
spine (hitcherland, phlebas)
teeny ted from turnip town (ylla)
tome (hitcherland)
yellowback (chuckieegg)

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