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The Foxer

Roman thinks you're ready for Rithmetic Foxers. Below are three equations disguised as picture sequences. Each pic represents a number (For example a photo of The Flying Scotsman might signify 4472). It's your job to identify the mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) indicated by the lettered squares. The BIDMAS rule applies.


*       *       *


Last week's 'things wot hit the headlines in 2019' missing vowels foxer:

1. VNGRD avangard (Dr. Breen)
2. JRBL SNR jair bolsonaro (Stugle)
3. TG RRLL tiger roll (Stugle)
4. BHMNTH TCH bahama nuthatch (Stugle)
5. RSHBC KSTP irish backstop (Stugle)
6. SR VN TFTHP PL servant of the people (Stugle)
7. BRSHT beresheet (Dr. Breen)
8. RTG RHR rutger hauer (Rorschach617)
9. NYNKS nyonoksa (Dr. Breen)
10. SDRM C saudi aramco (Stugle)

11. RW reiwa (Dr. Breen)
12. ML NSL emiliano sala (a_monk)
13. Y NLNG yuen long (a_monk)
14. MNV RNGCHR CTRSTC SGMNTTNSYSTM maneuvering characteristics augmentation system (Stugle)
15. SHRK HDYR sahar khodayari (a_monk)
16. NR WHLTSK narwhal tusk (Stugle)
17. WF RSC LNGN wafer scale engine (phlebas)
18. NSRL LH ansar allah (Stugle)
19. ST NMPR stena impero (Dr. Breen)
20. KS ZLNS CPR MFR koszalin escape room fire (a_monk)

21. FLY BRDR flyboard air (a_monk)
22. KRLG TT karel gott (Dr. Breen)
23. NGWC HN G  ng wai chung (a_monk)
24. CTZNSH PMND MNTCT citizenship amendment act (Rorschach617, Stugle)
25. RDWL L red wall (SpiceTheCat)
26. L TTLSN TJMS little saint james (Stugle, Dr. Breen)
27. NP SYHSSL nipsey hussle (Stugle)
28. NT RD MDP RS notre-dame de paris (Stugle)
29. TNTLMBL LT tantalum bullet (Dr. Breen)
30. MGNR PN megan rapinoe (AbyssUK)

31. DL MNFGD LPRL dolmen of guadalperal (a_monk)
32. GR NWTT LCR KFR  green wattle creek fire (phlebas)
33. FRN CSBNS franco's bones (phlebas)
34. PRCH SFGR NLND purchase of greenland (Dr. Breen, Stugle)
35. HW huawei (Dr. Breen)
36. SP RVR super over (a_monk)
37. HM SRG hms urge (AbyssUK)
38. WHKR  whakaari (a_monk)
39. SMNBL VRNTR NTNLB RDG simon bolivar international bridge (Dr. Breen)
40. MPH YTCH YTNH NWN maphiyata echiyatan hin win (chuckieegg)

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