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The Foxer

To completely defox today’s word chain you’ll need to provide Roman, my Chief Foxer Setter, with the sequence of 24 words suggested by the clues below.


A word can be any length and is linked to the next word in the chain by its last two or three letters. For instance ‘honeysuckle’ might be followed by‘leviathan’. ‘Handel’ could come next. Then ‘delta’. And so on. Complicating things a tad are the six orange italicised clues. These have been shuffled. For example “A character from a 1903 short story who faked his own death” probably doesn’t refer to word #8.

1. A city set ablaze by American bombs in 1944
2. A word that can go before coffins, basket, and judge
3. Where this picture was taken
4. Britain did this in the month this picture was taken
5. This computer game
6. The manufacturer of this AFV
7. These islands dodged a nuclear bullet in the Fifties
8. A character from a 1903 short story who faked his own death
9. A gathering of these?
10. The owner and depicter of this hand
11. This tank
12. This warship
13. The user of this thingumabob
14. A word that can go before polecat, route, and geoglyph
15. One of his designs can be seen in this image
16. This museum's location
17. A presidential pet, a Welsh malcontent, and an Oscar-winning movie
18. A word that can go before ware, ear, and rice
19. The designer of this firearm
20. A WW2 aircraft, sports venue, and Civil War notable
21. A defunct European airline
22. Her remains were discovered close to this spot
23. A European country without railways
24. A legendary canine partial to heavenly bodies

*      *       *


Last week's jigsaw foxer:

a1 hallgrímskirkja, reykjavík (Dr. Breen)
a2 vostock rocket, moscow (Rorschach617)
a3 merlion, singapore (Hydrogene)
a4 chrysler building, new york (phuzz)
a5 britannia bridge, menai strait (a_monk)
a6 sverd i fjell, stavanger (Gothnak)

b1 oriental pearl tower, shanghai (Gothnak)
b2 superkilen park, copenhagen (Dr. Breen)
b3 monument to the gret fire, london (phlebas)
b4 statue of unity, gujarat (phuzz)
b5 grand central station, new york (mrpier)
b6 tokyo tower (Zorgulon)

c1 green point lighthouse, cape town (Gothnak)
c2 the spire, dublin (Dr. Breen)
c3 cerne abbas giant (Rorschach617, Lazzars)
c4 sankoré madrassa, timbuktu (Zorgulon)
c5 saint basil's cathedral, moscow (Gothnak)
c6 museum of tomorrow, rio de janeiro (mrpier)

d1 the kelpies, falkirk (ylla)
d2 dukla pass battle memorial (phuzz)
d3 sagrada familia, barcelona (Gothnak)
d4 lion of lucerne (mrpier)
d5 brandenburg gate, berlin (mrpier, Lazzars)
d6 atomium, brussels (Gothnak)

e1 sacré-cœur basilica, paris (a_monk)
e2 parliament house, canberra
e3 genbaku dome, hiroshima (phuzz)
e4 montjuïc communications tower, barcelona (a_monk)
e5 son of protagoras, belfast (Gothnak, mrpier)
e6 peace tower, ottawa (phlebas)

f1 monument of the discoveries, lisbon (Gothnak, ylla)
f2 astronomical clock, prague (Dr. Breen)
f3 wellington sign, wellington (phuzz)
f4 pavlov's house, stalingrad (Dr. Breen)
f5 ananta samakhom throne hall, bangkok (Dr. Breen)
f6 soldiers' and sailors' arch, brooklyn

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