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The Foxer

Roman thinks you’re ready for Rithmetic Foxers. Below are three equations disguised as picture sequences. Each pic represents a number (For example a photo of The Flying Scotsman might signify 4472, 462, or 3). It’s your job to identify the mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) indicated by the lettered squares. The BIDMAS rule applies. No brackets or indices are involved.


*       *       *


Last week's geofoxer theme: coins and banknotes (defoxed by ylla)

a) flying tiger, copenhagen (Stugle, mrpier)
b) peseta monument, malaga (phlebas, Rorschach617)
c) penny arcade expo east, boston (phlebas, unacom)
d) dutch mint, utrecht (Stugle)
e) john o' groats, scotland (Gothnak)
f) trevi fountain, italy (Gothnak)
g) beau street hoard, bath (SpiceTheCat)
h) copper coin building, guangzhou (Teek, phlebas)
i) loon dollar monument, echo bay (phlebas, phuzz)
j) penny factory, NYC (unacom)
k) lithuanian banknote, kaunas (unacom)
l) tanner canyon/beach, grand canyon (Teek)

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