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The Foxer

The 25 pictures in a cluster foxer are arranged in 5 discretely/discreetly themed clusters. Pictures in a particular cluster must be cardinally contiguous to be valid. For example, a1, b1, c1, d1, d2 is a possible cluster, unlike a2, b2, c2, d2, e3. To fully defox today’s enlargeable puzzle identify the themes and constituent images of all five clusters.


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Last week's wordchain:

1. HENSCHEL (a_monk)
3. HANNIBAL (ylla)
4. BALLOONIST (phlebas)
5. STIGMATA (Gothnak, Dr. Breen)
6. TACHOPHOBE (phlebas, Dr. Breen)
7. BENELLI (Dr. Breen)
8. LIGHTERMEN (GrouchoMerckx, phlebas)
9. ENDANGERED (Dr. Breen)
10. REDCAR (ylla, Stugle)
11. CARACAL (ylla, captaincabinets)
12. ALPINI (ylla)
13. NIJMEGEN (Rorschach617)
15. USHANT (Gothnak, mrpier)
16. ANTRIM (Gothnak)
17. IMPASTO (Dr. Breen)
18. TORERO (Stugle, mrpier)
19. ROMMEL (Dr. Breen)
20. MELCHETT (Dr. Breen)
21. ETTIN (Dr. Breen, Gothnak)
22. INTERNMENT (Dr. Breen)
23. ENTDECKER (Gothnak)
24. KERMANSHAH (Gothnak)

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