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The Foxer

The 25 pictures in a cluster foxer are arranged in 5 discretely/discreetly themed clusters. Pictures in a particular cluster must be cardinally contiguous to be valid. For example, a1, b1, c1, d1, d2 is a possible cluster, unlike a2, b2, c2, d2, e3. To fully defox today’s enlargeable puzzle identify the themes and constituent images of all five clusters.


* * *




a1. the brands that built britain (Gothnak)
a2. army strength (a_monk)
a3. i love weddings (Dr. Breen)
a4. fox tracks (Dr. Breen)
a5. happy days, blackpool (Gothnak)
a6. woodland wildlife (Dr. Breen)

b1. croydon airport (Dr. Breen)
b2. a city on the wing/flying castle (Dr. Breen)
b3. london underground, haynes
b4. skyscraper sea (a_monk)
b5. harry potter (Gothnak)
b6. atlantis (Gothnak)

c1. rescue (Gothnak)
c2. connected spirits (Dr. Breen)
c3. frozen ii
c4. for art's sake (Mrs Gothnak)
c5. hunters in the snow (Stugle)
c6. 1927 wallis & stevens steam roller (Dr. Breen)

d1. minerals of the world (Dr. Breen)
d2. industrial life, USA (Gothnak)
d3. railway heritage no.1 (Gothnak)
d4. james bond (Dr. Breen)
d5. europe divided into its kingdoms (Stugle)
d6. star trek 50th anniversary (Dr. Breen)

e1. catch the bus/the clippie (Dr. Breen, Gothnak, Stugle)
e2. the kiss (Dr. Breen)
e3. enemies of doctor who (Gothnak)
e4. cinquecento (richtysoe, Gothnak)
e5. winnie the pooh (Dr. Breen)
e6. golf course (Gothnak)

f1. dinosaur island (Gothnak)
f2. new york marathon (Stugle)
f3. glenfinnan viaduct (Dr. Breen, Stugle)
f4. gnomes at the forest edge (Dr. Breen)
f5. yellow submarine (Gothnak)
f6. the air hostess (Gothnak)

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