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The Foxer

To fully defox the following enlargeable geofoxer, identify all twelve locations plus the theme that links them.


* * *


The theme of phuzz's collage foxer was "SI Units" (defoxed by Gothnak)

A. Watt (steam engine) - (Gusdownnup)
B. Metre (a 'standard metre' in Paris) - (GrouchoMerckx)
C. Second (the first Caesium clock) - (a_monk)
D. Kelvin (Kelvinbridge in Glasgow) - (ylla)
E. Ampere (an nVidia Ampere card) - (phlebas)
F. Kilo (The actual standard Kilogram, also near Paris) - (mrpier)
G. Siemens (The Siemens logo from 1928) - (phlebas)
H. Becquerel (The 'Becquerel reindeer') -
I. Joule (Pub named after Joule in his home town of Sale) - (Gothnak)

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