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The Foxer

The 25 pictures in a cluster foxer are arranged in 5 discretely/discreetly themed clusters. Pictures in a particular cluster must be cardinally contiguous to be valid. For example, a1, b1, c1, d1, d2 is a possible cluster, unlike a2, b2, c2, d2, e3. To fully defox today’s enlargeable puzzle identify the themes and constituent images of all five clusters.


* * *



Last week's missing vowels foxer

‘30 things wot you might find in a cave or cavern’

1. NFRS - inferius
2. S HRKT HSHP- shrek the sheep (Gothnak)
3. THCP PRS CRLL - the copper scroll (Stugle)
4. DB LNSTSW FTLT - edible nest swiftlet (Gothnak)
5. MNG - mung
6. NT DSTTSM RNCRP SVH CL - united states marine corps vehicle (Gothnak)
7. THF TBL LTM - thai football team (richard)
8. GD SVC - god's voice (Gothnak)
9. CP TNFLN TSTRSR - captain flint's treasure (Stugle)
10. LMPNFLR - lampenflora (Gothnak)

11. LDRSCN NR - lidar scanner (Gothnak)
12. RCLNN GBDDH - reclining buddha (Stugle)
13. GRTSLNG - grootslang (Gothnak)
14. PRHS TRCRT - prehistoric art (Syt)
15. RSSS PLS - ursus spelaeus (Gothnak)
16. NJ NJ - injun joe (phlebas)
17. BLMNSCNC - bioluminescence (Gothnak)
18. HYPHN - heyphone (Gothnak)
19. VD NCFV DSR SN - evidence of vadose erosion
20. YN GZS - young zeus (Syt)

21. MNRWL LY - miner willy (phlebas)
22. RD M - air dome
23. CRS SFCR ND - cross of coronado (Gothnak, phlebas)
24. YLSSHN TSMNS PDR - eyeless huntsman spider (Gothnak)
25. PT CHDRKNSS - pitch darkness (Gothnak)
26. WRL DSL DSTFS HHKS -world's oldest fish hooks (Gothnak)
27. RBR TTHB RC - robert the bruce (Gothnak)
28. SPKSY - speakeasy (Gothnak)
29. LBBSB RT HR - ali baba's brother (Stugle)
30. HMFLR SNSS - homo floresiensis (AbyssUK)

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