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The Foxer

To fully defox the following enlargeable geofoxer, identify all twelve locations plus the theme that links them.

* * *


Last week's missing vowels foxer (‘33 things wot are for sale on eBay’)

1. TD RDLL SHS = tudor dolls house (phlebas)
2. HLL RHRNT = hiller hornet (Gothnak)
3. BD GRFTCP SLS = badger fat capsules (Stugle)
4. TTN CRSTCLFR GMNT = titanic rusticle fragment (phlebas)
5. RTR YPNCLSHR PNR = rotary pencil sharpener (Stugle)
6. SLN TCLS SLFBT = solent class lifeboat (Stugle)
7. PRST HTCLG = prosthetic leg (ylla)
8. BLSTR WBR RYSDS = blue strawberry seeds (Stugle)
9. PLM LLT = polo mallet (Stugle)
10. MRL NMLKN GRBT = merlin milking robot (Gothnak)
11. WRL DTRDC NTRS SCT NFLG = world trade center association flag (Gothnak)

12. RNGT RRRST MP = orange terror stamp
13. PT RPNZR FSTS STWLV = peter panzerfaust issue twelve (Gothnak, ylla)
14. STRLB = astrolabe (Stugle, Gothnak)
15. LVSST RMR = alvis stormer (phlebas)
16. LKSP RRCLC MPN YC LSC RP = lake superior coal company coal scrip (phlebas)
17. TXDR MDSQR RLPDD LNGCN = taxidermied squirrel paddling canoe (Gothnak)
18. HC KRSVR GNI IRD = hacker sovereign ii radio (a_monk)
19. SMM LRKNF = sommelier knife (Gothnak)
20. K MJN GNM SK = kim jong-un mask (Gothnak)
21. PRS NLSDD GBNDN = personalised dog bandana (Gothnak)
22. LZSH RTWR NN DSG NDB YJ PS TM = lazio shirt worn and signed by jaap stam (Gothnak)

23. MRT NMTRT = martian meteorite (ylla)
24. RNGTNKT TLBLL = orangutan kettlebell (Gothnak)
25. RST RMBMB = airstream bambi
26. CNDLSNF FR = candle snuffer (Gothnak)
27. SGMN DFRDCT NF GR = sigmund freud action figure (Stugle)
28. PRM MCNDNC TNP = premium canadian catnip (Gothnak)
29. RYLDLT NGNN SSHR PST = royal doulton guinness harpist (Gothnak)
30. FN GRPLSX MTR = finger pulse oximeter (Stugle)
31. FRSTD TNFNS HCKL DBYCHR STB LPNKH RST = first edition of unshackled by christabel pankhurst (Gothnak, ylla)
32. BSMK R = bee smoker (Gothnak)
33. VRYN CR SHWT RCL RPN TN G FH RS = a very nice irish watercolor painting of a horse (ylla, phlebas)

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