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The Foxer

Roman and Maxine have worked wonders with the annexe Christmas tree this year. Their Colditz theme of 2015 was, I think you'll agree, breathtaking, but I reckon this year's Bomber Command one tops it. All that lametta is genuine WW2 window and every one of those LED-illuminated dials is a 3D-printed copy of a real Lancaster instrument. Simply constructing the seventy 1:144 aircraft decorations (15 Lanc, 15 Halifax, 10 Stirling, 4 Wimpey, 4 Whitley, 4 Hampden, 4 Mosquito, 4 Beaufighter, 5 Bf 110G, 5 Ju 88G) took over a fortnight.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the tree topper, that artistic tangle of wire and shot is a reference to the trailing radio aerials of RAF bombers, a fair few of which ended up wrapped around branches and weather vanes.

The solutions to last week's movie locations foxer:

a The Shining (phuzz)
b The Eagle Has Landed (Rorschach617)
c Duel (phuzz)
d National Treasure and I Am Legend (phuzz, Stugle)
e Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (Artiforg)
f Vertigo (phuzz)
g The Music Box (Stugle)
h North Sea Hijack and Guns in the Heather (Artiforg, Stugle)
i Pan's Labyrinth and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (Artiforg)
j Pulp Fiction (Guildenstern, phuzz)
k Some Like It Hot (Artiforg)
l From Russia With Love (Little_Crow, Stugle)

* * * * *

Foxer Fact #485

An early draft of 'Snow Idea' by legendary Dutch foxer setter Evert van der Poll recently sold at auction in London for over £25K. The sketch reveals that Poll toyed with the idea of including a dead robin and a smouldering cigar butt in his snowy pavement puzzle before deciding to go with nothing but animal and tyre tracks.

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