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The Foxer

Last week's foxer was as cunning as they come. Despite the best efforts of collage inspectors like phuzz, Gap Gen, phlebas, unacom, Aphrion, and Stugle, it's still out there slaughtering chickens, de-bagging scarecrows, and joyriding combine harvesters. Will somebody please catch it before it discovers the joys of hayrick arson and pig graffiti.

* * * * *

Roman is not a happy Harold E. Comstock. Just back from a 'Marvels of Modern Engineering' world tour, he's discovered that many of the photos he took while away are completely worthless. The prize pillock failed to read the manual for his new selfie stick and, on numerous occasions, ended up snapping the scenery in front of him rather than the marvel behind! Identify the out-of-shot late 20th and early 21st Century landmarks 'in' the following ten pics to win Flare Path flair points made from chrome, concrete, and chagrin.

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