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The Foxer

Attending the funeral of a professional foxer setter is rarely straightforward. In a tradition dating back to the 1930s the location and time of the service is almost always distributed in collage form. When Jim Poskett, the Telegraph's veteran vulpinist, was laid to rest in 2001, there were only two of his peers at the graveside. A misidentified interwar biplane and a misinterpreted photo of Joyce Grenfell meant most mourners ended up 300 miles away inadvertently paying their respects to a deceased piano tuner.

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Roman claims the two 'spare' letters in last week's foxer were a deliberate nod to EFO. I reckon they were a consequence of too much cider and too little sleep. Whatever the explanation, the rogue pair made a formidable task even formidablerererer. If it hadn't been for some brilliant defoxing from Gothnak and Barfo, the hive might never have surrendered its secrets.

Theme: stamps and stamp collecting (defoxed by Gothnak)

HELVETIA (Gothnak)
BLUENOSE (Gothnak)
HINGE (Gothnak)
HILL (Gothnak)
SUOMI (Gothnak)
INVERT (Gothnak)
PERFIN (unsolved)
CHARADE (Gothnak)
CERES (Gothnak)
GUM (Barfo)
Z GRILL (Barfo)
SVERIGE (Gothnak)
FDC (Gothnak, Barfo)
MACHIN (Barfo)

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