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The Foxer

Warm-up Foxer  (Where am I?)

There's something fruity about my location. I'm within 15 km of two European capitals. If I flew around the globe at this latitude I'd pass over a country with a tree-adorned flag and at least two countries with bird-adorned ones. The country I'm in joined the UN before Switzerland and after Kazakhstan. I'm 4 km from a hotel named after one of Yorkshire's most famous sons. The local airport is 1km from here and is served by an airline with a j in its name. Sixty years ago most of the people in this vicinity were foreigners. Today, most of the visitors you meet are anglers. The nearest mountain is 350 km away and bears the name of a famous cosmonaut.

Feature Foxer

This enlargeable collage has a hidden theme. Decrypt the cryptic clues to flush it out.


*       *       *


Last week's warm-up foxer: I was here (defoxed by Gusdownup)

Last week's feature foxer theme: fire (defoxed by Little_Crow)

BLANKET (Little_Crow)
BACKDRAFT (Little_Crow)
SHC (Little_Crow)
AXE (Stugle, Little_Crow)
ASH (Barfo)
SATI (Barfo)
PIT (Barfo)
HYDRANT (Little_Crow)
BRAND (Barfo)
GREEK (Little_Crow)
VESTA (Barfo)

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