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The Foxer

Warm-up Foxer (Where am I?)

I'm on a busy coastal road. I'm in a country that has no stripes on its flag. There's a silver two-car electric multiple unit emerging from a tunnel 20 metres to the NW of me. I'm 5 miles from a Decade Volcano. I'm at the same latitude as an African square declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Eighties. I'm in a country that's above Italy in the World Rugby rankings. The nearest level crossing is 500 metres away. I can see a sign aimed at litter bugs. I'm just about to be passed by a white no.66 bus with an unusually attired chap behind the wheel.

Feature Foxer

Identifying all twelve locations in today’s enlargeable geofoxer will be tricky unless you figure out the theme that connects them.


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Last week's warm-up foxer: I was here (defoxed by phlebas)

Last week's missing vowels foxer:

'30 Things That You Might Find on or in a Road'

1. SNKHL - sinkhole (Stugle, Little_Crow)
2. RBYS LPPRS - ruby slippers (Stugle, AFKAMC, Little_Crow)
3. FLTNRPH BN - Fulton Airphibian
4. KTHRNFR RRS - Katherine Ferrers (Arioch_RN)
5. BT TSDT - Bott's dot (skink74)
6. HRB - Herbie (Little_Crow)
7. LND - landau
8. TKRCB R - Otokar Cobra
9. HLGBRS LSS - Haile Gebrselassie (Gothnak)
10. LLL PPLDY - lollipop lady (Gothnak, Little_Crow)

11. DTSNFR LDY - Datsun Fairlady (Gothnak)
12. SLPR DS - Sal Paradise
13. TC KRTP - ticker tape (Gothnak)
14. TH LMN DLS - Thelma and Louise (Gothnak)
15. ND NPPS - Indian Papoose
16. LN DNSTMCR RG - London Steam Carriage (Little_Crow, Stugle)
17. T TSL - Otta seal
18. TFTYFLFF YTL - Tufty Fluffytail (Little_Crow)
19. BSL N - bus lane (Gothnak)
20. DV DMNN - David Mann (Gothnak, Little_Crow)

21. THN TH L LMB - The Ant Hill Mob (Gothnak)
22. PH NTH KMP HC - Phan Thị Kim Phúc (skink74)
23. R DRG - road rage (Arioch_RN)
24. STNMS TR - Austin Maestro (Little_Crow)
25. SD NCHR - sedan chair (Gothnak)
26. BR THBNZ - Bertha Benz (Gothnak)
27. THG DSM RTN - The Good Samaritan  (Gothnak)
28. KN GMM - King Momo (skink74)
29. TRCK SHW - auto rickshaw (Arioch_RN)
30. FRTHR - Further

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