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The Foxer

Co-op word and picture puzzles

Warm-up Foxer (Where am I?)

I'm in a village transformed by globalisation. I can see a palm tree and a tabby-and-white cat. The road I'm on is named after a man with a distinctive middle name. The country I'm in has played in only one FIFA World Cup. If I flew around the globe at this latitude I wouldn't pass over the contiguous United States. I'm 100 metres from a canal. I'm due south of one of the oldest golf courses in the world. Ten years ago passenger trains returned to the local railway line after an absence of almost half a century. This village shares a name with a controversial US political figure. I'm three miles from a very unusual bridge and four and a half from the remains of a ship that was afloat when Vlad the Impaler was impaling.

Feature Foxer

This enlargeable collage has a hidden theme. What is it?

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Last week's warm-up foxer: I was here (defoxed by Gusdownup)

Last week's wordchain:

1. TAKLAMAKAN - The Silk Road skirted this desert (AFKAMC)
2. ANCHOR - An object that links Popeye to Pope Clement I (AFKAMC)
3. HORATIO - An unusual christian name shared by two well-known British military figures (Gothnak)
4. IONA - An island equidistant from Frankfurt and Reykjavik (chuckieegg)
5. NAMER - An extremely resilient APC (chuckieegg)
6. MERCATOR - A drone, telescope, and geographer (AFKAMC, Electric Dragon)
7. TORNADO - The mount of a famous freedom fighter (Electric Dragon)
8. DORADO - A WW2 submarine lost in the Atlantic on her maiden voyage (AFKAMC, Electric Dragon)
9. ADOBE - Mix-up this low-tech building material to make a home (AFKAMC)
10. OBERON - A natural satellite of Uranus (Gothnak)
11. RONDEL - Armpit armour (Gothnak)
12. ELECTRA - A word that links Amelia Earhart to Eugene O’Neill (AFKAMC)
13. TRAPEZIUM - One of the 206 (AFKAMC)
14. UMBRELLA - In its Bulgarian form, a deadly weapon (chuckieegg)
15. LACONIA - The three liners that carried this name all met untimely ends (chuckieegg)
16. NIAGARA - A North American river that’s also a British aero engine (Electric Dragon)
17. ARABESQUE - A ballet position and a Gregory Peck film (AFKAMC, AbyssUK)
18. QUETZALCOATL - He terrorised NYC in a 1980s movie (phlebas, AbyssUK)
19. ATLAS - A pedal-powered whirlybird (phlebas, AbyssUK)
20. LASTUN - A diminutive hatchback made in Eastern Europe (Gothnak)
21. TUNGSTEN - During WW2 much of Britain’s came from Devon (Electric Dragon)
22. TENERIFE - Close to Scotland, vexillogically speaking (Gothnak)
23. FERNET - An alcoholic drink big in Buenos Aires (Gothnak)
24. ETIHAD - One of the airlines that operates A380s (AFKAMC)

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