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The Foxer needs you

My Chief Foxer Setter isn't getting any younger. One day, as sure as eggs are ovoid, Roman's going to be summoned upstairs by Reynard, the setter of The Ultimate Foxer, and I'll have to find a replacement. To ensure there's a pool of high-calibre candidates there when the time comes, and to allow Roman the occasional week off in his dotage, I'd like to run high-quality third-party foxers in this slot now and again. If you reckon you could put together a decent missing vowels, wordchain, hive, cluster, rithmetic or collage foxer, for Roman's sake, have a bash and send the result to me (timfstone at gmail dot com) in ready-to-publish form with answers listed in an accompanying email. Assuming it gets the nod, your effort will appear, fully credited, as a future Foxer post. 


To fully defox the enlargeable geofoxer below, identify all twelve locations plus the theme that links them.

* * *


Last week's cluster foxer:

The 1930 movie "Hell's Angels" (phlebas)
a1. blonde bombshell (ylla)
b1. howard hughes (Dr. Breen)
c1. november 15, 1930 (phlebas, Gothnak)
a2. james whale (mrpier)
b2. dawn patrol (Gothnak)

Gremlins (phlebas)
d1. goodyear gizmo (mrpier)
e1. amc gremlin (phlebas)
c2. sa-14 gremlin (Dr. Breen)
d2. roald dahl (Gothnak)
d3. gremlin graphics (Gothnak, phlebas)

Words that begin 'char' (Gothnak)
e2. chartres cathedral (mrpier)
e3. charabanc (Dr. Breen)
e4. charge of the light brigade (Stugle)
d5. charlotte bronte (Gothnak)
e5. chartwell (Gothnak)

Culinary herbs (Gothnak)
a3. basil (Gothnak)
b3. rosemary (Gothnak)
a4. dill (mrpier)
a5. sage (geerad)
b5. mint (ylla)

Pipe shapes (Dr. Breen)
c3. haiti (ylla)
b4. dublin (Panzerschwein)
c4. rhodesian (phlebas)
d4. zulu (mrpier)
c5. cavalier (Dr. Breen)

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