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Aliens Come A-Spooking In The Hum: Abductions

First-person explore-o-horror

SpoOoOoOky aliens gave Nathan a bit of a fright with The Hum last year, but while we're still waiting on that abduct-o-rama, developers Thotwise Games have only gone and announced a prequel. The Hum: Abductions [official site] looks to be a spook 'em up that's smaller, more intimate, and - perhaps importantly for a small studio - a lot less ambitious. It's still going for xenoscares aplenty, telling the story of a mother whose husband mysteriously vanished and who now seems to be losing her son to glowing lights. Come see in the announcement trailer.

It's hard to get a sense of quite what it'll be like, as whoever was in control was clearly hamming it up for the camera a bit. But even if we view it more as a cinematic, we can see the tone Thotwise hope to strike. Pow! right in the brooding gland. Take that, parents! Thotwise call it a "first-person explorative horror game", and say it'll also have bits set "inside your mind being experimented" on.

Thotwise plan to release The Hum: Abductions around the middle of 2015 on Windows and Mac. I presume the fate of potential future Hum games will depend on how it does.

Did you see Under the Skin, by the way? Wonderful, horrible, bleak film, that. It had the most awful alien abduct-o-experiment-a-reprocess scenes I've seen. And the rest! Harrowing. I left the cinema feeling like someone had scooped out my insides. Dreadful. Great stuff.

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