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The Lion's Song: Ep 1 Offers A Charming Free Short Story

Worth a look

Joe wrote about this one a couple of days ago but I've just finished Silence, the first episode of The Lion's Song [official site] - a point-and-click story about a young composer who heads to the Alps to deal with writer's block/composer's block.

I figured I'd write a quick post about what I liked - I mean, the story itself is sometimes clunky or the dialogue doesn't feel natural but it does some interesting things trying to navigate the sense of music/sound through written language and the art style is great.

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I'm not sure about alternate endings as I haven't replayed it but I liked the one I ended up with. It also left me wondering whether a middle-aged Czech dude can be a manic pixie dreamgirl. Probably not because that plays on a whole heap of other ideas entrenched in culture but that character does fulfil some of that role which was interesting to me - at least he did in my playthrough. Oh, and I never thought I'd find myself saying this about a game but it has really lovely game credits.

It's essentially a sweet short story. Maybe over-simplistic at points but also charming, atmospheric and earnest. The first episode is free on Steam so I'd say it's worth a play over a cup of tea and you can see how it suits you.

The other stories are set to follow different characters, each with their own creative abilities. A season pass will set you back £8.99.

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