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The List: Your Suggestions

We don't end up forging many list features here at Castle Shotgun, but we figured that we should do one, and make a big deal about it. This list that we are planning, The List, as I am currently calling it, is a big deal. It will be the Hivemind's ultimate acknowledgment of the greatest PC games of all time. The essential, must-play, genre-defining, superlative-defying, consciousness-calibrating masterpieces that are the foundation of our interest. We're not even sure how many such games there will be. I mean, sure, you could make a list of 10, 50, or 100 such games, but how many genuinely great games are there really? That is what we will decide.

However, you need to help us not miss anything. What we want from you today are your suggestions, and your arguments for, those games that need to go in that might not otherwise have an advocate. Telling us to put Deus Ex in there is probably going to be a bit redundant, but perhaps we might overlook the value of something else. Or perhaps you want to argue against something? Do you really hate Outcast and want to see it knocked out of the classics lists forever? Have your say, here, now.


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