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The Littlest Robo: Little Wheel

This = proper lovely. It's a very short, incredibly charming browser-based puzzle game, starring that old indie staple, a cute robot. Familiar elements perhaps, but with a gorgeous, genuinely delightful execution. This is exactly the kind of game that should be played on a Friday lunchtime, leaving you with a warm and fuzzy feeling all weekend.

It's made by Slovakian outfit OneClickDog, whose previous game, Kutuke, I shall eagerly check out next week. Where Little Wheel departs from the vast majority of browser-based puzzles games is:

a) it's more or less a straight line with zero room for confusion, but maximum room for the charming joy of pressing buttons and watching things happen. This is, trust me, more than enough.

b) its remarkable art and music style, which may well owe a great debt to World of Goo, but by electing to use only silhouettes, really nails that living cartoon aesthetic.

I don't want to say too much because I suspect I only dilute what's a perfectly self-contained experience by doing so - so, go play.

Thanks to Several Noble Readers for mailing us about this.

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