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The Mooseman looks like a beautiful wintry myth game

Hidden objects

The Mooseman [official site] is another one of those games which caught my eye for its colour palette - greyscale plus teal - but then went on to sound legit interesting in the description field. I love it when that happens: "You are the Mooseman and you have the ability to see all that is hidden to the mortal eye."

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I'm going to pop the whole description here because I enjoyed reading it:

"The Mooseman is an atmospheric 2D adventure game set in the mysterious lands of Perm chud’ tribes. The player's avatar is the Mooseman; a mythological character from perm animal style objects, which we were greatly inspired by.

"You are a shaman and you have the ability to see the mysterious spirit world. You are about to visit three layers of this universe - the first one is the lower world where dwell ancients gods and spirits of the dead...

"The game is being developed by a small team of enthusiasts in Perm city, Russia. We call ourselves the Morteshka team ('Mort' - french for dead + 'Matreshka' - famous russian toy). We love all things mysterious, historical and atmospheric, and our games reflect that."

It also keeps giving me little flashes of Year Walk - partly because of the layered 2D aesthetic and wintery colour palette, but also because of exploring older myths and traditions which grew up along a similar latitude and, despite their differences, are rooted in that chill and that darkness.

The Mooseman is over on Steam and via the official site at £4.99/6,99€/$6.99 with a slight launch discount at the moment.

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