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The Oval Office: Nascar - The Game 2013

When I was a small boy, I was very excited about the idea of having my own car. Games had taught me that driving was fun*, whether through the twisting roads of Lotus III, across the ramshackle rollercoasters of Stunt Car Racer, or in the violent competition of Fatal Racing. Then my parents bought me a Nascar game and everything changed. The graphics blew my Spiderman socks off but the tracks didn't have any unexpected curves, loops or jumps. That's why I spent most of my time with the game driving the wrong way, trying to cause massive collisions and pileups. I haven't played a Nascar game since and the impending arrival of Eutechnyx' latest on July 24th probably won't change that, but perhaps you are a fan of cars wot go round and round?

The game contains all of the tracks, drivers and teams from the 2013 season. What kind of variety is there between the tracks? I honestly don't know. Here is the least informative trailer in the world.

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As well as a season mode and robust multiplayer support, Nascar: The Game 2013 will contain events from the last three seasons, allowing players to jump in and change the outcome.

Relive and rewrite iconic moments from recent NASCAR history with Inside Line Highlights, recreated using real-world telemetry data from seasons 2011, 2012 and 2013, allowing players to experience the heat of the moment in one of the world’s most exciting motorsports. And, for the 1st time in sports games, NASCAR The Game: 2013 will release further update packs as the climax to the season unfolds.

Relive every iconic moment and rewrite it by driving around the track the wrong way.

* When I eventually bought a car of my own it was a Fiat Panda. Driving was not fun.

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