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The Political Machine 2016 Sims Presidential Pratfalls

Little bit of politics there

Half the fun of politics simulators is that you get to mess about and see how silly you can be without your head ending up atop a pike. Every four years, Stardock simulate the US presidential election with their Political Machine, but I don't know if it's worth the effort this time. What a lineup of jokers, eh? Games couldn't be sillier than the real race, right? Yeah? Little bit of politics there ladies and gentlemen, little bit of politics.

If you fancy hitting the campaign trail, The Political Machine 2016 [official site] is out... in Early Access? Ooh, this modern world!

The Political Machine lets folks play as real-world US Presidential candidates or create their own, then steer them through fundraising, campaigning, press interviews, and so on to try and win The Big White Chair. It's a bit fluffy and silly, and a bit cheap and cheerful, but then so's the current candidate lineup. Little bit of politics there, ladies and gentlemen. Little bit of politics.

So how come the fourth entry in the quadrennial series has turned to Early Access? Stardock say:

"We are constantly iterating and trying out new ideas and we need players to help us through that process in order to deliver the best game possible at release. In addition, Early Access gives us time to incorporate the ongoing zaniness of the primary season into the game through new issues and events."

Yeah, I wouldn't be at all surprised if some amazingly daft things happen soon. Little bit of politics there, ladies and gentlemen. Little. Bit. Of. Politics. They also plan to add multiplayer and random events.

The Political Machine 2016 is £6.99/$9.99 on Steam Early Access or direct from Stardock. Stardock also sell an upgrade from earlier versions for $5. An inside tipster tells me Marsh is prematurely evaluating the game and will tell us all about it on Monday.

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