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The Purple Haze Parts: Call Of Duty: Vietnam

News breaks that the latest Call of Duty game will be unveiled tonight on Gametrailers. It's called Call of Duty: Vietnam, it's being made by Treyarch and - er - that's it. Vietnam based games have... well, they've traditionally not fared as well as other operational theatres. You have to kind of feel sorry for Treyarch operating under a double shadow - both the continuing high-level corporate drama of The Infinity Ward Wars and having to try and make a game that actually works out of a setting which has proved incredibly awkward to translate. I have to wish them luck, and hope they can do something to skew the numbers on the traditional "In World War II the average mark of the combat game was 82%... it Vietnam it was 49%" style gags. Which sounds like a cue for a song...

UPDATE: Except the news which break has broken! See here.

This article contained embedded media which can no longer be displayed.

(And thanks to VG247 for bringing this to my attention)

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