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The Queer Games Bundle returns to, collecting hundreds of games for Pride Month

The annual bundle offers plenty of interesting indies

A screenshot from Walk Around This Place, showing off the greenery of a park.
Image credit: Nardo23

Somehow we’re already in June, which makes me both cosmically confused about the passage of time and quite happy because it’s now Pride Month. That also means that queer indie developers have once again banded together and organised the third annual Queer Games Bundle on, offering over 450 video games, board games, zines, books, soundtracks, and other creative stuff for the price of one AAA game: $60. All proceeds are split between the participating developers, and there’s some very cool stuff included.

“Purchasing the Queer Games Bundle is a direct action that you can take right now to support queer people in a life-changing way,” reads the bundle's description, “and in exchange, you get over 450 amazing, heartfelt, fun, and radical games and artworks.”

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There’s a little bit of everything included here, whether you’re into platformers, RPGs, or the visual novels that make up most of the bundle. (Just in case your boss is anywhere in the vicinity, be warned that some of the featured games are very NSFW.) The visual novels range from cute coming-of-age romances to sadder looks at serious subject matter. You should be able to find bedtime reading to suit any mood, though.

Not into visual novels? No problem. I’ve scrolled through most games on offer and picked out some other highlights that seem well worth the time and/or investment. The gorgeous headline image comes from a walking sim called Walk Around This Place, which offers exactly what the name suggests. Just stroll around a park with nothing but chill vibes and the sounds of nature. Continuing with the low-stakes relax 'em ups, we have the short After A While, casting you as a bunny who glides across the ocean on a cool yellow bike.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have two short horrors, starting with Close To You, a game where you’re isolated indoors while the biblical apocalypse takes place outside. It takes full advantage of the PSX aesthetics that are so trendy in horror indies and I'm still not desensitised to the style. The other horror highlight - Will Die Alone - puts you in the shoes of an office worker who needs to sift through and delete customers' memories. Sounds pretty grim/dystopian/interesting.

Final few recommendations from me include the rhythm fighting game Heatwave, the top-down throwback strategy of Titan Tactics, and the shadowy graffiti sandbox Bombing!! Bundles like these are great because they always feature hyper-specific experiences that feel fresh, even if the games are on the shorter side. Where else would I learn about an Argentine freelancer who lives with their fiance? Or the goblin who always steals one sock out of the pair? Seriously, I'm wearing a pizza sock on one foot and a pineapple sock on the other, so I need to know.

The Queer Games Bundle is available from now until July 7th on

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