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Watch us play games and chat with devs today in The RPS Sessions

Get watching!

It's day 2 of EGX Rezzed, the London games show organised by ourselves and our corporate siblings, and Alice L and Matthew are back on the comfy chairs for another full day of streaming games and chatting with developers in the RPS Sessions, powered by XSplit and supported by RIG Gaming and GamesPlanet. The RPS Sessions is a wee taster drifting across many of the games at Rezzed, so you can join in a bit from afar, or see what you might fancy playing if you're heading in tomorrow, or you can simply watch the stream for funsies and hanging out and hoping to hear the conclusion of Matthew's story about teaming up with a bus driver in a snooker tournament. The stream starts at 11:00, so soon, then will run until 17:20. Read on for the stream and schedule.

Watch on YouTube

Annnd yer schedule:

11:00-11:20Breakfast Club
12:30-12:50Trials Of Fire
13:00-13:20Sail Forth
13:30-13:50Fade To Silence
14:00-14:20El Hijo
14:30-14:50Through The Darkest Of Times
15:00-15:20Nanotale - Typing Chronicles
16:00-16:20Cat Quest 2
16:30-16:50Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night
17:00-17:20Night Call

If you hop on over to YouTube proper you can also join in the chat, and I know the vidbuds do read that so please request the snooker story because Matthew won't tell me without pressure. Thanks!

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