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The RPS Sessions livestream today brings more games, devs, and anecdotes

Back once again with the ill behaviour

It's almost 11 o'clock, which means it's almost time for the vidbuds to return to their icy vault for another day of livestreaming from EGX Rezzed in the RPS Sessions, powered by XSplit and supported by RIG Gaming and GamesPlanet. They've lined up games and guests across the day, everything from first-person construction in 80s England to action-RPG clicking in ye olde worlde of Warhammere. Yesterday saw surprise hosting from rando non-vidbud RPSfolk, so who knows what we'll see today? And will they finally answer the big question: are those big brown lumps they're sitting on the coils of Horace? Come on in for the stream, the schedule, and, with time, maybe even the answers to those questions.

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Here's what's coming and when:

12:00-12:20Landlord’s Super
12:30-12:50Warhammer Chaosbane
13:00-13:20Autumn's Chorus
13:30-13:50Sigma Theory: Global Cold War
14:00-14:20Close To The Sun
14:30-14:50No Straight Roads
15:00-15:20The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature
15:30-15:50Change: A Homeless Survival Experience
16:30-16:50Cat Quest II
17:00-17:20The Leftfield Collection

A few Rezzed tickets are still left for today, by the way, if you're round London and fancy it. You might even be lucky enough to bump into members of the RPS gang, who'll be too tired to notice that you're babbling as you gush and fawn over them.

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