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The RPS Talk-o-Tron Talkback-o-Tron: July

Isn't it amazing how I've managed to do one of these roundups of splendid threads on our forum every month on the dot, without fail? Here's April's if you missed it, and now here I am again with May's, just like clockwork. I'm incredible, I really am.

- A refreshing change from the now-traditional, cyclic bitching about Left 4 Dead 2 - fun'n'thoughtful plans and suggestions for new L4D campaigns. What? Where? With who? And for how long? Saucy.

- The venerable cutscenes are/aren't bad for games chestnut comes up again, and proves to be quite the talking point. The definitive answer, of course, is that cutscenes are okay when they're not fuggin' awful. But they usually are.

More fun below!

- Games and religion: not, traditionally, the best of chums. Is there a way for our beloved flashing pixels to discuss the matter intelligently and non-hysterically?

- "I believe that in a most evil plan Games for Windows was in fact a way to crush the final bastion of hope and spirit that PC gamers held in a belief that one day the PC could again be the most viable of platforms! They have used the program to make PC gaming seem unvailable as a stable platform, Now souls crushed, the united people of PC gaming defect to the land of XBOX." Er. That "I" isn't me. It's this guy.

- Another chestnut is picked up from gaming's forest floor and sniffed at with new enthusiasm: girls and games. What, you mean they don't just play Barbie And The 12 Dancing Princesses all day long? On a related note, I once pitched a retrospective of Barbie games to someone as a gag. I'm bloody glad they didn't take me up on it.

- Brutal, dense roguelike Zangband is a game of inevitable tragedy. But you don't have to suffer alone. Share tales of your lost loved adventurers here, and read moving, thrilling obituaries of the similarly departed.

- Is PC retail dead in the UK? Well, it's not exactly performing somersaults in the street. With the avalanche of wonderful games available online, does that matter?

- Hearing that Warren Spector's next game, a steampunk (!) Disney title, is (probably) solely for the Wii made me even more upset than the time someone broke my nose with the butt of their pretend gun when I beat them at Quasar. Warren! WARRRRRRRRENNNNNNNN!

- And, as Chap Nurtured By Penguins rightly observes in comments below, this is very much a must-read. Our fine and strong audience respond to our epic Gaming Made Me series with their own nostalgia-strewn reminiscence about their formative years of videogames. Go forth and share your own tales there, naturally.

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