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The Simday Papers

Sundays are for stealing the Sunday Papers format from under Kieron's nose, then using it to share simulation news.

  • Gaijin forget to invite an evil aunt to the christening of their latest air combat sprog. The old bag retaliates by gatecrashing the ceremony and naming the newborn herself. 'Henceforth, this IL-2 spin-off previously only available on consoles will be known as...  Wings of Prey!' Not since Microprose's Ailerons of Adversaries has a flight sim been so grievously monikered.  
  • Dutch Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende rage-quits VSTEP's Ship Simulator Pro after discovering an immersion-shattering collision-detection bug.
  • Still livid the following day, he vows to boycott their next title, a firefighting sim featuring some of the most leisurely fireman ever to wrestle a hose.
  • Deutsch busophiles M-R-Software celebrate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by rebuilding a section of it. Fully-modelled SimGDR 'a logical next step' says SimErichHonecker.
  • Space Shuttle Mission 2007 demo thoroughly modernised by never-satisfied SimSquared.
  • Akella explain the thinking behind upcoming MTB sim PT Boats: Knights of the Sea. Naval types appreciate the openness but reach for the rum on reading: "The truly epic Jutland battle was over when just a few ships were destroyed. The demise of HMS Hood after having taken just a couple of shots from the "Bismarck" could hardly be considered a typical example of naval combat. A game that is over so quickly would hardly be fun at all."
  • The latest Battle of Britain: Storm of War screenshot post focuses on the Chianti Raiders. Is Oleg in hock to the Mafia, or is he cunningly preparing the ground for sequel SoW: Murder Over Malta?

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