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The Sims 4 getting a celebrity lifestyle in Get Famous expansion

Dare you become... an influencer?

I've always thought The Sims an ideal series to bundle up under a 'pay a monthly fee, get all the new stuff' subscription service, playing the endless add-ons without fuss, but disappointingly EA think otherwise. They've announced a new expansion for The Sims 4 and no, it won't be covered by their Origin Access Premier doodad. Get Famous will introduce the new region of Del Sol Valley and a celebrity lifestyle, earned through grind at your old job or a new career as an actor or--god help me--becoming an 'influencer'. All of which can lead to getting a gold toilet, because okay, sure.

EA blasted this blurb about what Sims will get up to:

"They can catch their big break through a standout audition, landing a role in a television series or commercial gig. Aspiring Sims who go the extra mile by both looking the part and studying lines can take their career to the next level with a starring role in the next big blockbuster. Sims can also bask in the limelight as an inspiring influencer, livestreaming every lavish moment and giving other Sims maximum #FOMO, or even by gaining worldwide acclaim in their current career. No matter a Sim's claim to fame, they'll be able to attend exclusive parties with the stars, outrun starstruck fans, truly experience the VIP lifestyle of their dreams, and more."

I can relate to this. My vast fame means that I am sometimes asked "Are you Alice O'Connor?" at games events, to which I reply "Wwwhy do you ask?" while putting up my dukes.

If you're wondering, "Actors? I thought all the kids wanted to be Twitch streamers these days?" mate, that's already in The Sims 4. But with the expansion yes, you'll be able to do it to get the perks of a celebrity lifestyle. These include fancy homes in Del Sol Valley (or less fancy, at the start of your career), new designer clothes, new gold-plated furniture, and other such terrible glitz.

The Sims 4: Get Famous is due on November 15th. It'll cost £35 on Origin. While The Sims 4 itself is covered by Origin Access Premier, that edition only comes with two older add-ons. Booo.

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