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The Sims 4 visits the very normal town of StrangerVille next week

How do you write 'The Lone Gunmen' in Simlish?

Body-snatchers, government conspiracies and potentially extraterrestrial menaces are headed to The Sims 4 in its next add-on, the StrangerVille game pack, due out Tuesday, February 26th. Set in the kind of quiet desert town where apparently only this kind of thing seems to happen, there's a whole bunch of new paranormal detective activities to get tied up in, and a story to unravel. While clearly not as important as hoarding pets, it looks like a fun time in the vein of previous adventure-focused game pack Jungle Adventure. See the debut trailer below.

Wobbly, cheerful zombification and a secret lab full of menaces that'll probably turn out to be cute as a button seems to be order of the day in StrangerVille. There's a collection of monster-of-the-week TV cliche outfits to gear up in, and a bundle of mystery-busting gadgets for Sims to collect and tool around with. While more scientifically-minded characters can do their fair share of investigating, military Sims will apparently get access to some options of their own. I wonder how how much stuff you'll be allowed to bring back to the main game.

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I'm also oddly curious how many opportunities there'll be for horrible Sim deaths in StrangerVille. The Jungle Adventure pack had deadly jungle plagues and cursed relics that could spontaneously combust curious clickers. While I doubt they'll have anything quite as dramatic as permanent zombification (though that would make for some fun times if you could bring that back with you), there's potential here for some interesting cross-contamination. Still, this is just a cheaper 'game pack' rather than a full expansion, so an alien infestation of your town seems unlikely.

The StrangerVille game pack is out on February 26th. You can see a little more on the official page here, plus an official comic (not concluding until March 8th, oddly) here. No price has been announced, but all previous Game Packs were £18/$20.

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