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The Skyrim Together Reborn multiplayer mod is out now, bringing major updates and 2-8 player co-op

Dragon Reborn

A revamped version of the Skyrim Together mod allowing co-op for Bethesda’s classic fantasy RPG is finally available to download from NexusMods today. Dubbed The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Together Reborn, the mod's developers say this version is a significant improvement over the previous version. Witness players tackling some main quests together in Together Team’s video below.

The Elder Scrolls Five.Watch on YouTube

Skyrim Together Reborn is available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and was developed by a group of mostly student modders in their free time. The team announced on the project’s subreddit last week that they were almost ready to launch, despite initially planning for today’s release to be a beta. However, they "were able to make some last-minute improvements, and we are now ready to do a full release instead (version 1.0)," they said.

Alec (RPS in Peace) reported back in 2019 that the original Skyrim Together mod had been raking in $25,000 each month on Patreon. However, the project had also been using code from the Skyrim Script Extender without permission, which the developers acknowledged after an interview with Eurogamer. Together Team have stated that the Together Reborn mod will be “fully open-source”.

It’s recommended that one player acts as a party leader to host the entire playthrough for Together Reborn. Swapping party leaders might break any quests you’re doing, Together Team say. Only the party leader can talk to NPCs to progress quests, and loot quest items. Other players are free to kill monsters and bosses, do quest-related puzzles and clear dungeons. Save often to avoid future disappointment.

If you want to rope some friends into donning horned helmets and tackling Skyrim as a team then just remember that the co-op mod will only be available for the Special Edition of the game on Steam. Together Team have said they have no intention of supporting any other edition. You can read their full FAQ and a guide to getting started here.

Skyrim Together Reborn can be downloaded from Nexus Mods today right here. If you’re not up for a bit of co-op around Whiterun, then why not check out Graham’s list of the best mods for Skyrim that you can play in 2022? It’s guaranteed to spice up your Tamriel experience.

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