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The Skywind project may want your help even if you have no experience

The end is in sight, they say.

For several years now, a group of volunteer modders called The Elder Scrolls Renewal Project have been working on Skywind, a standalone mod recreating Morrowind using Skyrim's Creation Kit. The Skywind team posted a rare development video today giving a status update on the project wrapped in a callout for new volunteers in several disciplines with all levels of experience.

According to the update, the Skywind team are "finally seeing the end of the road." The video below goes over some of the work left to be completed in Skywind and shows off many of its current environments and characters.

The team say that the majority of Skywind's environment assets are completed and that the project now needs environment and level designers to add detail and refinement to its outdoor areas. Modders are still working to finish all of the interior dungeon tilesets but when they are ready, the Skywind team say they will need even those without any prior experience to help with the "navmeshing" process. As dungeons are completed, helping to dictate to the Creation Kit which parts of an environment are walk-able and collide-able is an important task that can be given to those without prior experience but an eye for detail. The same is true for helping clip audio files sent in by Skywind's voice actors.

The Skywind team are also looking for more specialized volunteer roles like experienced 3D artists, animators, and QA testers.

Skywind released a gameplay video last year showing off the "Writ for Sarayn Sadus" quest from start to finish. Based on what I've seen in both videos, it sounds like Skywind is indeed nearing the end of its road. For a volunteer-based project though, "near the end" may still mean a few years of work testing and finishing assets around the full-time jobs and lives of its contributors.

You can check Skywind's volunteer page to find out more about the roles needed for the project and what's required for each one.

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