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The Steam Summer Sale begins today with a fortnight of PC gaming deals

Not a Fortnite of deals, that’s Epic

Valve are kicking off 2022’s Steam Summer Sale today with discounts on AAA and indie games, starting at 6pm BST/7pm CEST/10am PST. It’s being styled as the ‘Steam 3000’ sale even though that year is a long way off according to my calendar. For some reason, Valve have decided they're doing videos to hype this stuff now too. You can watch the trailer below to get some idea of what might be discounted very soon.

It's summer, so games will be cheaper than usual. Praise the sun.Watch on YouTube

So, according to that trailer, we can expect some shavings off the price of games like Ghostwire: Tokyo, Cyberpunk 2077, God Of War, Monster Hunter Rise, and Dying Light 2. Probably the stand-out pick of the bunch is current vampiric darling V Rising, if you’ve not already plunged your fangs into that one. We’ve still a few hours to go until we see how much all these will set you back. Ready your wallets.

As per, Valve are offering players Steam Summer Sale trading cards. There’s also the opportunity to craft badges to pimp out your profile, if you’re into that, with some mysterious badges floating around even before the sale starts according to Valve. A new badge is being announced when the sale begins later today, with someone called Klorfax providing more info after Gabe cuts the ribbon with giant novelty scissors, or whatever.

In other Steam-related news, comedic looter shooter spin-off Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands leaves Epic Games Store exclusivity today to arrive on Valve’s storefront. Brendan (RPS in Peace) wished they’d just tone it down in his Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands review. “The chase for the next bazooka feels more hollow the longer it goes on,” he said, “and the scattershot humour only pushes me further away.” Wait for a sale, maybe?

The Steam Summer Sale begins on, erm, Steam today, June 23rd. It’s running until July 7th. Keep an eye out for Klorfax.

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