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The Steam Summer Sale dates have leaked, probably

Here we go again

Ah yes, the inevitable precursor to always-anticipated Steam Summer Sale has arrived: the part where folks find out and holler about the dates ahead of time. If you've been eyeing a new game on Steam's store lately, perhaps tuck your wallet away for a while yet. According to one of the folks behind (unaffiliated) Steam Database, they believe the big summer sale will run for two weeks from June 25th to July 9th.

Steam DB dataminer Pavel Djundik originally said that the information is "generally trustworthy, but not fully confirmed." Djundik later says it's confirmed, though doesn't specify how or by whom. Another person on Twitter seems to have come up with the same dates just beforehand, so it seems reasonably likely they're both correct.

Either way, tradition dictates that Steam will have a big blowout summer sale as it does every year and odds are it will be sometime in June. The 25th seems as nice a day as any to listlessly scroll through the Steam catalog wondering which game will worm its way into my ever-expanding backlog.

We do know for sure that Valve will be hosting another Steam Game Festival from June 9 through June 14. You'll be able to play “time-limited demos or short playable experiences” for upcoming games and all that. Seems like a great event to have right before holding a big sale. Whet the appetite and all.

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