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The Syndicate Reboot: The Script?

The alleged Syndicate alleged reboot allegedly being allegedly made by Riddick developers Starbreeze remains only alleged, but more and more alleged signs point to its alleged development. Latest of these is a chuck of script which has found its way to Siliconera. If this is real, Eurocorp returns - but the plot will concern a resistance movement against it, perhaps a la the original game's expansion, American Revolt.

What we've got here is some background exposition about brain chips, some setup about Eurocorp's brutality towards citizens, and the apparent fate of the main character's parents, and a possible name for the main character - Miles. (This would seem to suggest it'll be less team-centric than the original, but let's not get ahead of ourselves). Here's a clip, but the full lot's at Siliconera:

In other news, the terrorist hacker known by the cryptonick “LOGOS” has been identified as one KRIS DELANEY. The EuroCorp Security Agency suspects Delaney to be the leader of the subverter cell that has terrorized Manhattan for years, culminating in the Diamond Hill complex bombing. And later, we take a look at Gulf Partner’s city raft La Ballena and the diplomatic crisis that’s threatening the relationship between EuroCorp and Gulf.

And another:


…what the hell they take me for, tryin’ to buy my son…damn corporate agents…


…they’re watching us, from the black van outside…

It's hard not to see something an implication in the full script snippets that, at some point in the game, the main character may take up arms against, rather than for, Eurocorp. This will be... divisive if my speculation is anything like correct. The traditional, satirically sadistic thrill of Syndicate was in being the megabastards, not in defeating them.

Will this new game, if it does exist, have the big brass lower organs necessary to put its players fully in the shoes of agents for a psychopathic corporation and without demanding that they face up to the ethical horror of it? I'm also guessing, however, that there's going to be a fair bit of moral back-and-forth about the resistance too - clearly, innocents are being harmed by their violent revolt.

Who knows - I'm guessing wildly based on a tiny amount of out-of-context information, so you should probably roll your eyes at me and call me a madman. We've been hearing this rumour for so damned long now, though - isn't it about time EA or Starbreeze 'fessed up at last?

Of course, if this is a shooter rather than an isometric squad thinger, there's also Paradox's planned Syndicate-style game...

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