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The Tractor Factor: Farming Simulator 2009, Demo

I was just browsing some email, having just been booted off my gaming PC by the Mrs so that she could play FarmVille on Facebook, when I noticed that the PC actually does have a contemporary full-blown farming game: Farming Simulator 2009. From last month's press release: "Become a farmer and experience the thrill of driving heavy modern farm equipment as you try and feed the world! Choose from a variety of vehicles and implements, and explore the huge, over 4 km², island." Phwoar. More informatively: "The German version of this product shifted a massive 100,000 units within its first five weeks debuting at number one on the Media Control GfK chart." Now that's some credentials. I was just about to pick up a copy and start singing appropriate songs when I discovered: there is a demo.

The demo contains two levels, one where you drive a tractor around an obstacle course, and another where you use a hay-collecting machine to make bales of hay. I don't think either do much to sell the game, but then it is about farming. Having completed the obstacle course (beat 1:19!) I decided to drive off and explore the island. It sure was an island, with ambient traffic, a small town, and some wind-turbines. Things were a bit quiet.

But could I cause some mischief? I began to harass cars. It turns out that cars in Farming Simulator 2009 are both indestructible, and 90% self righting. Only by flipping them right onto their roof could they be defeated. Here's one I killed earlier.

Bored of this, I traveled further afield. Ooh, docks.

Careful of the sea! Hmm. Bah.

In conclusion: farming is best left to the professionals.

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