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The Trans Witches Are Witches bundle raises over $90,000 for LGBTQ teams

The Itch bundle includes over 60 magic-themed games, zines, and more

If you’ve been enjoying RPS’ Magic Week - our two-week endeavour to spotlight magical indies - you might enjoy the Trans Witches Are Witches bundle, which is unrelated to Magic Week, but has the same spirit. The bundle is a collection of 69 games, music, zines, and other creative oddities of the magical variety. Everything has been made by LGBTQ+ creators and all the proceeds will be split between the featured teams. So far, the bundle has passed a whopping $90,000 (or £74,000) in sales, with over a week left to go.

The bundle has a little something for everyone with top-down RPGs, board games, visual novels, and just generally weird thingamabobs. Lots of the featured games look interesting, although a few, in particular, caught my eye.

Do I Pass? is one of the featured visual novels that follows a trans woman with anxiety about whether or not she ‘passes’ as female. She’s soon able to transform into a ghost - the classic white sheets kind - to peek into others’ minds and find out what they’re thinking. Queer people have a different relationship with public spaces, and I’m excited to see a game tackle the subject.

SkateFPS is another bundled game that struck me. It’s a witchy shooter where you fight papercraft monsters with your ET-esque pointed finger and purple-painted nails. Alas, I can’t give you more info since the game’s description is in Spanish, and I only have a casual, Duolingo level of Spanish comprehension. In other words, no hablo español. There’s also a number of quirky gay dating sims, alongside other cool stuff that you might like.

The Trans Witches Are Witches bundle is available on itch.io for $60 until February 24th. There’s also a smaller $10 edition, and most of the games are available for individual purchase, too.

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