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Be Exactly What It Says: The Watcher

Calm watching and frenetic mashing

Whoa whoa, hey there! What are you doing in such a hurry? Are you trying to play The Watcher? There's a fairly big clue in the name there, buddy. It's a short game you can poke at in your browser for free. You might want to play with the little aliens building a spaceship, but they're a skittish sort. Don't touch anything. You've got to wait. Sit back and watch the hand-drawn cuties scampering, and enjoy the music. When your time to interact does come, you might wish it hadn't.

The Watcher was an experiment in "gameplay without gameplay", a game where you can't even move your mouse without scaring the little folks away. If you grumble and roll your eyes at phrases like that, hey, at worst you get to watch a pleasant little animation. You do take an active role at one point, mind, and it might leave your arms sore. Top tip: try hitting as many keys as you can at once.

It was made by Turtle Cream, the South Korean studio also behind 6180 The Moon and Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, back in 2012. It's only now comes to my attention by appearing on several game portals, following a showing at an exhibition in the Seoul National University Museum of Art. I would've liked to see how it worked out in an exhibition space, whether it delighted or bewildered or both or.

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