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The winner of the EGX Jam is... Fingerolympics!

Play famous sports like sheep tossin'

Last month, we partnered with our brothers, sisters, uncles and grannies at EGX to host a game jam. The EGX/RPS Jam invited entries on the theme '11', in honour of EGX being in its 11th year. We got umpteen excellent entries that you can read about and play here, but from that group we've picked one winner that will be playable on a stand at the show itself. That winner is in the title of the post: Fingerolympics.

Fingerolympics is a game for 1-9 players, controlled using the 1-9 row of number keys on your keyboard. Each key is mapped to an onscreen finger, which hops into the air with a press of the button. With this one manouver you compete or cooperate across 11 'sports'. Sports such as needing to knock sheep across a fence to count them, pop a spaceship through a hoop, or match dominos. It's silly, it's a bit frantic, it's fun when played alone and a delight when played with friends. Try it for yourself in your browser right now over on Itch.

And if you don't have anyone to play it with at home, you can try it out on the showfloor at EGX. Tickets are still available from the event site.

Fingerolympics was designed by Luis Diaz Peralta, aka Ludipe. You can follow him Twitter and find out more about all his projects on his Patreon.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the game jam. We'll think about doing more of this in future.

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