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There are now over 1400 games in Itch's Racial Justice And Equality bundle

Good games for justice

Over the weekend, launched a giant Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality. It was an overwhelming and enticing selection when it launched with about 750-odd games. Now the bundle has grown to over 1400 items, some of which are tabletop RPGs and game-adjacent bits like asset packs. They're all yours for a contribution of $5 or more.

Proceeds are being split between NAACP Legal Defense Fund and the Community Bail Fund in support of those in the United States protesting systemic police brutality against Black people. So far, the bundle has raised a mighty impressive £3/$3.8 million and has now set a £3.9/$5 million goal. According to Itch's site, the average contribution is about $10, coming from a total of over 350,000 buyers.

Thanks to the new additions, the bundle is now packed with even more of your soon-to-be indie favorites. If you'd already chipped in, not to worry. You'll get access to the newly added games as well.

Nat Clayton previously spotted some good 'uns like Minit, Night In The Woods, and A Short Hike. The slew of new additions brings other big swingers like Celeste and Oxenfree. As for me, I've got my eye on the silly Shakespeare-era medical drama Astrologaster which I may finally find time to play.

To make the list less daunting, Itch have picked out some of their own favorites from the bundle, narrowing it down to just 98 of the 1400+ games. You know, totally more manageable.

The Black Lives Matter bundle hosted by Contigo Games is still going on as well, currently sitting at over £68,000/$87,000 raised of its £78,000/$100,000 goal.

The Bundle For Racial Justice And Equality will be available until next Tuesday, June 16th.

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