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There will be some forum downtime tomorrow

Upgrades incoming

The RPS forum is getting an upgrade. Tomorrow we're going to switch it over to a new server and we're also using the opportunity to change the software it runs on. This requires the forum to be taken offline for a day, but fear not: all old posts and threads shall be loaded into trucks and driven to the new home.

If you're a user of the forum, you might know that the place hasn't changed much over the past few years. It's running on an old version of vBulletin, and vBulletin at its best can be a less than user-friendly experience. For that reason we're almost certainly going to be making the hop over to Discourse, a more modern piece of forum software. "Almost" certainly because while the tech team are working on the switch over, we'll have to see how things go tomorrow when they get their hands inside the real innards.

For more information on Discourse, check out the features page on the Discourse site. It does everything we need it to, more of what we want than vBulletin, without so much clutter and with more opportunity to expand it in future. Hopefully it can make for a better community for everyone.

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