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There's a great new site showcasing speed-runs and I can't tear myself away from it

On your bike

"Hey! We got a world record!" is a phrase I've heard a lot today. I've been browsing Speedrun World Records, and I'm finding it hard to stop. It's a new site dedicated to showcasing some of the more obscure world-record speedruns: you just click the 'new run' button to watch the fastest play through of a random game in a random category. The idea is that you'll discover new games and runners you like, and keep track of them in the future.

I've spent a good number of idle hours clicking through speedruns on YouTube, but I think I prefer the random nature of this site. It's like a Revels bag for speedruns: most of the videos are great, and then there's the odd one where I have absolutely no idea what's going on (or why coffee-flavoured chocolate tastes so bad).

It's got me to enjoy watching games that I know very little about. The first video I got was a rather nonchalant run of the newly-released Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap, the remake of a Sega Master System platformer from 1989. I'm amazed that anybody has learned the game's systems so thoroughly in so little time. Here's the video:

Cover image for YouTube video

Then up popped a 22-second clip, and I'm still not entirely sure what happened in it. It's the world record run for a single segment of free-to-play exploration game The Way of Life. See if you can make more sense of it than me:

Cover image for YouTube video

The third, and the last I'll mention, was a run of Dead Pixels, the side-scrolling zombie shoot-em-up. It's basically 10 minutes of a man running right past hordes of enemies, but the elation at the end is incredible – the runner has been trying for the world record for over a year.

Cover image for YouTube video

Anyway, the point is that this site is great. If you've got some time to kill then I'd recommend you hop on and click through for a bit. Just keep an eye on the clock, because before you know it you'll have eaten into the time you've assigned to things you actually need to get done. Like write a news story, for example.

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