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These new Skyrim mods let loose lovely looking locks

Modders got it on lock

Ever wanted to stick your pick deep into the centre of an octopus? How about a bug or a barnacle? If none of that tickles your pick(le)s you could try a keyhole which twists dimensions? Or perhaps one with a steampunk or frost-bitten feel? If literally any of that got your immersion senses tingling then three Skyrim modders have something for you. Creating a cache of realistic looking catches, they have brought the Dragonborn what they've been desperate for; a more riveting lockpicking experience.

While the mods only change the aesthetics and not the function of how Skyrim's lock picking minigame works, the awkward uniformity of Skyrim's lock looks has always been quite odd. Modders under the usernames "Kreis", "wSkeever", and "powerofthree" must have thought the same. Why would a chest you found underwater look the same as one created by the insect-obsessed Falmer? It's preposterous! But now it no longer needs to be.

Thanks to the appropriately titled Security Overhaul SKSE - Lock Variations and Security Overhaul SKSE - Add-ons mods, you will never have to pick the nondescript again. Now you can enjoy the artisanal tastes of up to 11 uniquely designed locks to immerse you in Skyrim's universe.

Are you uncovering the goods of the technologically advanced Dwemer? Then watch with pride at your lock picking prowess as bronze cogs turn and satisfyingly click into place. If the chest is one belonging to the cold loving Nord, then you may revel in the icicle coated delight of their steel clasps.

When a simple fastening on a sunken strongbox just won't do, install these mods and admire a barnacle encrusted safe or gather gold from a trunk guarded by a satisfyingly, squelchy cephalopod. You get the idea by now. These mods give you different looking locks in Skyrim, and it is all in all quite dope.

Thanks to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer for spotting this.

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