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These Tactics Are Real-Time: Black Talons

Strategy hopefuls Camel101 send word of their Kickstarter for Black Talons, which hopes to get us involved in a pacey, all-encompassing sci-fi RTS. They say this: "Black Talons is a real tactics game set in a distant future, where you play as a mercenary commander. You’ll have under your lead every single detail of war: logistics, equipment and diplomacy, which are as important as leadership and cold blood in battle." They're pitching as a real-time addition to the tactics spectrum, with elements of XCOM and Mechwarrior: Mercenaries. The first videos of it in action are below, for your edification.

Hmm. Not entirely convincing, perhaps, but then it's early, and I really do like the idea running a sci-fi space marine mercenary company.

Also this:

Squads and Mechs are persistent in Black Talons; you can choose and upgrade your own army the way you like it. The surviving units of each battle learn new skills and abilities, and will get more powerful with earned experience. Squads from other factions can also be recruited... if the company has previously gained their trust. And sniffing around the black market could also be a source of additional weapons and equipment for the battlecruiser. Build a powerful warship and become unstoppable!

The Kickstarter wants $100k.

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