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They Might Be Giants IF Tribute: Apollo 18+20

How many people like They Might Be Giants' 1992 album Apollo 18? I think I count six raised hands. This next question is just for those six then: do you also like interactive fiction? OK then. That one handsome fellow jumping up and down, waving his arms, this is the post written specifically for you and me! In fact, it's possible I'm jumping up and down in front of a mirror. No matter. A gathering of wordsmiths have created a textual adventure for each track of Apollo 18, celebrating its 20th anniversary. They're all short, mostly clever, often funny and you can play them online or download them.

The tastiest treat is the 21 'fingertips' tracks, which are reminiscent of my favouritest ever piece of interactive fiction, Aisle. The 'fingertips' stories allow a single input and then end, in keeping with the brevity of those segments on the album.

Even if you don't know or like the album, some of the games work as treatments of their titles as much as the lyrics, so you won't be completely lost. This is exactly the kind of strange cross-media tribute we need more of, says I.

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