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This Is Indie: The 300 Game Pirate Kart

Adam's planning a longer post on the IGF Pirate Kart's multifarious and hopefully delightful content, but the download was taking ages and he had to go drinking with Lewie P (thus, the Northern England contingent of RPS represents). Mr Smith will hopefully be your more expansive guide tomorrow, but in the meantime it seems only right and just to at least advise you of this wondrous (and free!) indie compilation's existence so that you might investigate its 300-game contents for yourself.

Every game The majority of games in it were made in 48 hours or less, with involvement open to anyone, and as part of a noble attempt to restore some of the wildness that perhaps has been lost from the most excellent annual event that is the Independent Game Festival in the wake of indie's growing mainstream awareness and acceptance.

Oh, and because the $95 entrance fee was something to a barrier to submitting small, weird, experimental stuff as opposed to larger, more polished, more gong-probable games - hence, they plonked everything into one 1.36GB download and shared the fee. It is anarchic and sensible all at the same time. I must admit, I'd really love to see this win something at IGF 2012, and thus demonstrate that ideas are still the true, beating heart of indie gaming. I'd also like it to finish downloading, but that's just my impatience speaking.

More on the reasoning behind the Pirate Kart and download links may be found here.

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