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This mod adds a universal photo mode to over 300 Unreal Engine games

Now that's a precision shot

Photo modes are undeniably in fashion now, so much so that I've just started assuming most major RPGs and third-person action games will have one built in at launch. I've never put in the time to get particularly skilled at lining up the best shots, but I'm always well impressed by those who do. It's a bummer though when a looker of a game doesn't have a way to really get up close and personal with its pretty cast and environments. Tales Of Arise, which just launched this month, doesn't have one yet, for instance. That's where the extremely nifty and very handy Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker comes in. It's a mod that lets you toggle a free camera to take amazing screenshots in over 300 Unreal Engine games.

Naturally, I took UUU for a spin to snap some shots of Tales Of Arise, since I've got it handy. That up top there is Arise's protagonist Shionne using a fire spell during a battle. After a quick and easy setup, UUU allowed me to freeze the game, disable the interface, and navigate around the scene to line up a shot I liked. It also let me advance time by just a few frames at a time so I could walk her through that casting animation to get a decent pose. Although I didn't get that into the weeds, UUU also allows you to use "hotsampling" to dynamically resize your game window to take shots at a higher resolution than your monitor supports.

Not bad for an amateur screenshot-taker, if I do say so myself. (Though I clearly forgot to remove her cat ear cosmetic first, sorry.) It doesn't hold a candle to what other folks are able to achieve with UUU though. The mod's creator Frans "Otis_Inf" Bouma has posted lots of his own captures over on Twitter, which you can spot down below. Even more screenshots from the "Framed" Discord server of UUU users can be found in the Hall Of Framed. Some use additional tools like ReShade presets or depth of field changes to take some really wild screenshots, though not all of those are strictly taken with UUU, mind.

The version of UUU I used is free to download and take for a spin yourself. If you're really into getting in the thick of it, Bouma has a version with the newest features like a camera track system over on his Patreon.

Ta, PC Gamer.

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